Sadly, low water pressure all over South Texas is causing more than just a few headaches.

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Not only are residents and businesses dealing with a lack of power and running water or hot water, but even the Fire Departments are having trouble responding to emergencies like home fires.

The photo above from the Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department shows a home in Yorktown burning to the ground as crews on the scene did not have the access to water or the water pressure they needed to help put out the fire!

The home in the photo above is located in the 500 block of Church Street in Yorktown according to The home is a total loss following the fire. Crews could not get the water pressure they needed on the scene, nor could they bring water to the scene fast enough to save the home.

Fire Fighters from Cuero, Nordheim, Westhoff, Goliad, Weesatche, and Ander-Wesner all attempted to help the situation but could not save the home.

Please be careful if you are trying to keep warm without power. So many small appliances can be the cause of a home fire that quickly spreads out of control. We also want to thank all our first responders who are doing their very best to help us during these storms and through the aftermath. They have had a very rough couple of days. We even had emergency crews getting stuck in the ice storms on Sunday trying to help people. We can't thank you all enough.

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