I don't know if you have heard about this guy that got into a fight defending himself on a transit bus.  He is labeled the Epic Beard Guy and  this supports my theory of why you shouldn't mess with strangers.

These days you just don't know who your messing with.  I have a good friend that is a MMA fighter and if you saw him on the street you would never think he was.  I feel sorry for someone that picks a fight with him because I have personally witnessed him taking down guys 3 times his size.  UFC is more popular than ever and now you have practically every guy out there wanting to be a fighter.  You also don't flip off strangers.  Like I said you never know what you could be getting yourself into.

This guy showed up all over the web last year and now Danny Trejo stars in a movie about the transit guys life.  It looks kind of cheesy but I will still watch it.  The transit guy is in amazing shape for his age and it shows.  So what in the world was that guy thinking when he was trash talking.  Oh and did you hear the lady in the background?  Pretty funny!  Here is that famous video including the movie trailer.