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Full Disclosure: The feature photo above gives me ANXIETY!

Who does the dishes at your house?

Well, outside of National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (May 3rd) I can't think of a better day to highlight a nonsensical national holiday like the one we have for today; National No Dirty Dishes Day.

This National Holiday begs so many questions like;

Who does the dishes at your house? What's the right way to do dishes? And what does a no-dirty dish day look like anyway?

Wait, hold your horses!

Have you ever had a day when you didn't do a single dish all day?

Maybe it's the fact that the kitchen is my personal sanctuary and I love to cook or maybe it's that we have a huge family with four kids and three granddaughters that try as I may, I can't think of a single day in recent history when I haven't done at least one dish every day! Have you ever had a day when you didn't do a single dish all day? What does that even look like?!?!

What do you consider as the 'right' way to do the dishes?

One of the first disagreements my hubby and I got into as a new couple was,

" What's the right way to do the dishes?"

This drives my family absolutely nuts, but we grew up without a dishwasher at our house- insert my mom saying only half-jokingly that's 'what she had kids for' - I still, to this day, prewash the dishes before I load them in the dishwasher. Can I can get an AMEN???

What's your level of dishwasher trust?

I just don't trust that the dishwasher is going to fully 'clean' the dishes and nothing makes me cringe more than the idea that I could make a dish out of the dishwasher with food dried onto it. So I prewash and voila! The dishes ALWAYS come out clean.

Full Disclosure: Now, this feature image below brings joy to my heart.

Open dishwasher with dirty dishes and surrounding cabinets

Ps. I still cringe a bit if there is a dirty dish left out overnight in the sink too, but as life has gone on, I've gotten a LOT better at not losing sleep over it.

How to enjoy the National Holiday

National No Dirty Dishes Day offers these simple ideas on how to enjoy the holiday. First and foremost, go out to eat and enjoy knowing that your food and the dishes will be taken care of by your favorite restaurant. Eat right out of the to-go containers is another suggestion as well as using disposable plates today as well. There is also to do the dishes as you go along with your day- hence nothing in the sink, or my favorite, last but not least, the BIG CHALLENGE for today's holiday...

The BIG Challenge

Try eating your food right out of the natural containers that they came in! Think banana, eggs and oranges. Or in my case... the entire bag of chips!

No dirty dishes! LOL 

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