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As one of the biggest Whataburger fans on the planet, I was very excited to see this.  Whataburger has unveiled a Whataburger Food Truck!  It is AWESOME!

This is one way that the company is celebrating its 70th birthday. It is 36 feet long with 24 feet of cooking space powered by a 30,000-watt generator.  You have all the capabilities of Whataburger kitchen but on wheels!


The truck was transformed by the legendary Cruising Kitchens, a San Antonio-based company and the leading food truck and mobile business fabricator in the world. The new truck will be featured on an episode of  "Built for Business," Cruising Kitchens’ MotorTrends TV show on September 17th.

Check out the transformation


The truck will hit the road in 2020 in Whataburger's existing markets and cities. It will also head into new markets, giving them a taste of Whataburger. The food truck will also help natural disasters and emergency events, where a hot Whataburger meal can help make a difference.

Earlier this week, Whataburger announced another way they are celebrating their 70th birthday.  You can score BOGO burgers over the next week.  BOGO, of course, meaning Buy One, Get One Free.  Get more information about their BOGO deal by clicking below.
Let me share my favorite all-time favorite Whataburger meal.  The Monterrey Melt.  Please bring this back.  Even though they do not currently have this on the all-time favorite menu, if you ask, they can still make it for you.


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