In case you didn't know, I just might be the biggest Whataburger fan on the planet and this is no exaggeration 😂.  If you had access to my App and order history, you might say, I have a problem.  I won't lie, I have had 6 Patty Melt Meals, add grilled Jalapenos, this month alone, but that is not my favorite menu item at Whataburger.  Please bring back the Monterrey Melt!  Anyone else agree?

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According to press release from the Whataburger website,  they will be offering a buy one, get one free burger deal from now through May 25! What a great way to put a exclamation point on National Burger Month, which is this month.  Your order must include a #1, order must be placed using the App, you can also order at the website.


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