College is stressful! You have a kid leaving home for the first time, living on their own, and many learning how to budget for the first time.  Not only are they living on their own, but they are also staying up late studying for those big exams and things sometimes get a little tight, money-wise.  Students are getting a little help in San Antonio thanks to Whataburger.

Whataburger is partnering with UTSA on reopening its Main Campus resource room – now officially the UTSA Whataburger Resource Room!  The new resource room will be stocked with even more food items, toiletries, school supplies, and essentials than before. With help from the San Antonio Food Bank, nutritious food, free of charge, is now available again year-round. How awesome is this?

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The UTSA Whataburger Resource Room is open to all UTSA students. A similar Whataburger resource room also operates at the UTSA Downtown Campus.


The UTSA Whataburger Resource Room is part of the company’s Feeding Student Success Program. This program is a corporate-wide community relations initiative that supports students of all education levels through school resource rooms, scholarships, and community involvement. The UTSA Whataburger Resource Room is the second to open in 2021, with others planned in the future. It would be awesome to see this available for students at VC and the University of Houston - Victoria.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I did a story about being college broke. I know some college kids will have to be frugal at times. The question is what are some of the wacky things you have done to make ends meet? Let us know below...

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