I'm sort of bummed.

I just found the PERFECT Christmas gift to buy for my morning show co-host on the Whataburger merchandise website, " Whatastore" but a few months ago on Amazon I got him a Whataburger t-shirt for his birthday and I don't want to overdo it.

Wait, who in the world am I kidding!!!! It's JP!

This is the guy who has Whataburger's app on his phone and with no exaggeration, has admitted to spending hundreds of dollars at Whataburger in the last year!

Okay, so it's Texas. Maybe we all have!

Well crustandstuff, if I share this gift with you here, he won't be surprised at Christmas.

Dagnabit! You've got to see this! I can not NOT SHOW YOU THIS!

Suprise JP, I just found the perfect gift for you for Christmas!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to the Ugly Whataburger sweater! Well, first let me introduce you to Chinedu Ogu's Youtube page and his thoughts on last year's sweater which I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT! Whataboots? Where have you been all my life?!?!?

This year's Whatasweater is actually a little classier but don't take my word for it, you've got to see all of the amazing merchandise for yourself! Just promise me you won't order all of the sweaters before I get a chance too! Here is the thing, I know JP won't wear it as a joke... he is going to LOVE THIS SWEATER!

Photo Courtesy of Whataburger
Photo Courtesy of Whataburger
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Oh but wait, there is more. So so much more.

Whataburger dog and cat food bowls! Whataburger scarf and sock set! Whataburger phone charger! The list is endless!

OH WAIT- WHAT?!?! Free shipping on orders over $50.00???

Their deals are SWEETER than their honey butter chicken biscuits!!!

You better believe I want hashbrowns with that!

Who is hungry?

Do you love Whataburger? Heck Yeah?!?!

Well then, Merry Christmas!


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