Today Whataburger announced a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich!  My mouth is watering already.  Whataburger is the latest restaurant to jump on the chicken sandwich craze.  The new sandwich will be a marinated, crispy chicken filet topped with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayo, all on a toasted bun.  In my opinion, this might be the first real competition that Chick-fil-A will have when it comes to the chicken sandwich. The new spicy chicken sandwich will be available for a limited time.

I am going to try both the CFA and Whataburger sandwiches side by side. I order the CFA spicy sandwich with two pieces of pepper jack cheese and pickles.  I will order the new Whataburger sandwich the same way.  I can't wait! On a side note, I still haven't tried the chicken sandwich for Popeyes yet, anyone else?


Whataburger has also introduced a new burger that has me intrigued. The new Hatch Green Chili Bacon Burger.  Check this out, it double meat, double cheese, bacon, plus the smooth, roasted heat of Hatch green chiles.​  Just two more reasons to make more trips to Whataburger.  Just last month,  my wife and I were tagged on a meme on Facebook. We actually checked. Yeah, we have a Whataburger addiction!

Recently, Whataburger was named the officially named the Burger of the Dallas Cowboys.
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