There were six new menu items introduced yesterday by Whataburger,  while most of them sound good, I can't get behind the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.

Oh yeah, and they extended the Spicy Ketchup Batch #2 and they brought back this beast too! 

Because I follow so many Whataburger pages on social media, I see so many things about Whataburger on my feed. I know today they release band new menu items including the epic return of The Breakfast Burger which is absolutely fantastic.

It is basically a breakfast burger that could only come to you in the state of Texas.  A regular size patty, two slices of bacon, three hash browns, and a slice of American cheese. The bun is dressed with their creamy pepper sauces, which I use as a dipping sauce for my french fries.  The breakfast burger also comes with hash browns. Have a look for yourself.  Have you ever the breakfast burger from Whataburger?

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Whataburger Website
Whataburger Website


Also scrolling on Facebook, I saw another post about Whataburger. I will call this a rumor for now. However, the source looks to be pretty credible.  The post reads: 'In a couple of months Whataburger will be getting another new item you guys are going to fall in love with it it's going to be called the chili cheeseburger'  I found this post on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook page. If true, I can definitely get behind this one. Just imagine a Chili-cheese Whataburger with a side of chili-cheese Whataburger Fries. The heartburn might be intense but it will be worth it.





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