I guess that could be the question of the ages.  You could also ask the same about women.  What makes a woman happy?  Not all are the same and the answers would be endless.  But this has nothing to do with relationships or marriage.

I'm actually talking about Brett Favre.  Multiple sources around the NFL are saying that the Eagles want Brett Favre for the 2011 season.  Favre hasn't even hinted at returning back unlike last year where he was thinking about it pretty much the whole season.  I guess the same goes for the year before, and the year before, and so on. 

This isn't a blog to bash Brett Favre so get that out of your head.  I actually am a huge fan of Brett Favre.  I'm not a fan of the Packers, Vikings, or the Jets, I just like Favre and appreciate his work ethic.  The man doesn't quit, he loves the game of football and that is respectable.  Some MLB players go through the same thing, and same for NBA.  Perfect example is Micheal Jordon.  Look how many times he came back to the Bulls, then the Wizards, now he is a partial owner I think for the Bobcats so he still is involved in the sport he loves. 

Perhaps that would be a good and fair settlement with Brett Favre, to take over management of football team.  Don't get me wrong I still think he actually still has a few years left in him.  He still has a cannon to throw but of course as you get older you can't move as fast.  I think it would be a great addition to the Eagles if they put Favre at back up.  Especially when Vick takes a lot of risk running the ball.  If your going to have a back up QB you would want Favre any day compared to Kevin Kolb. 

If he does indeed come back I will continue watching him.  I won't be the guy that says he's too old, because you know what.  Any man and quarterback that has accomplished what he has and never wants to let the game go deserves just one more year. Or two. Or three.  I wouldn't be surprised if a couple years go by and he turns 50 and decides he wants to come out of retirement.  Just kidding. 

I'm pretty sure he is 42 years old, holds a bunch of records, still in good health, so why not try just one more year.  Especially after the way he ended last year with the Vikings.  I still think he has it!