Decisions, decisions, there are so many choices on what to get your mom for Mothers Day.  Sure you can go with the spa packages from Woodhouse which is an amazing option, gift certificates to her favorite restaurant, or just be plain and get her flowers.

Here's the deal with flowers, they don't last, but you know what does last a lifetime?  A gold plated rose from Torin Bales!  I love these things as they are unique, beautiful, and it will last forever unlike those flowers you were thinking about getting.  Torin Bales has a few options when buying for Mom this year.  I prefer the gold outlined rose while others prefer all gold and now they even have pink to choose from.

If you would like a chance to win her a gold rose you can log on to your VIP account and enter to win one which I will be announcing the winners on Friday morning.  All you have to do is be a KIXS VIP member and click here

Torin will be on air with me Friday morning around 8 to announce the winner of the Love Moments Contest and to also announce your name to pick up your gold rose for the best mom in the world!