The Sign of the Times

With just about everything that’s going on and some of us at whit’s end, it’s nice to focus on the positive where we can find it. We saw the sign! With new lighting and new landscaping around our Welcome to Victoria sign located on the Bloomington Highway, we're happy to know this is a sign of the times ahead.

The Community Appearance Division of the City of Victoria, one division of our Environmental Services, is dedicating time and funds to beautification projects throughout our community, and updating the "Welcome to Victoria" signs are one of the plans in action for the future of Victoria.

Planting is a sign of optimism. Enthusiasts will tell you planting is as therapeutic as it is utilitarian, especially after a pruning season.

We'd be remiss in not thinking this new landscaping is the sign of the times ahead! And as more Welcome to Victoria signs spring up, spruced up with landscaping and lighting it's nice to know our city is looking to a brighter future ahead.

If you'd like to know more about the Community Appearance Division's plans for the signs, click here.

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