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Has Justice Been Served For Texas Teen Who Was Brutally Attacked?

In one of the most horrific stories we have covered in 2021, the three teen assailants who viciously attacked their "friend" Cody Hagan leaving him on a ventilator, have been indicted on criminal charges.

You might recall this heartbreaking story in December 2021 when 16-year-old Texas teen Cole Hagan who had no idea what was going on behind the scenes was intentionally lured outside of a party he was attending on December 3rd and was jumped and beaten by his "friends" and fellow football teammates so severely that he was found bleeding between his ears in the street. Later transported to the hospital, he was put on a ventilator fighting for his life.

According to our initial reporting in 2021, this arguably premeditated "jump' was speculated to be over a female classmate. And as previously reported, Cody's family vowed to bring his assailants to justice and filed suit to the tune of $50,000,000.

How is Cole doing now?

Cole is reported to be recovering and thankfully he got to spend Christmas with family at his home. He continues to be in outpatient rehab for speech, physical, and occupational therapy in Houston.

You can read my initial coverage story below.

A grand jury has indicted these three teens, Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber on aggravated assault. This is a second-degree felony assault charge which could lead to 5 to 15 plus years in prison charged as adults. The family of Cole Hagan is moving forward on their 50 million dollar suits as well.

We await to see Cole fully recovered although sadly it's unlikely he will be able to play pro football as he had originally hoped to do. 

Has justice been served for Cole? Let us know your thoughts on our station apps or Facebook posts.

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