A disturbing video has emerged of a teacher encouraging Jr High Students to fight in class. The event took place at Mesquite ISD. According to wfaa.com, a substitute teacher with Mesquite has been fired after she reportedly encouraged students to fight each other during class, the district stated.

According to the article, the teacher, Natally Garcia, had been a substitute teacher employed with the district since March 6, the district said. The fights occurred Wednesday afternoon in class. You can see the video below and it is graphic. The video was recorded by 13-year-old Beatriz Martinez and shared with her mom who ultimately shared it with WFAA.  In the video, you can hear the substitute teacher,  Garcia, telling kids not to record the fights and to guard the door. Garcia is not eligible for rehire in any capacity, the district added. Mesquite police has not charged Garcia with a crime but confirms its department is investigating the incident.  Read the full story by clicking here.

Earlier this month, a couple got married at Sea World San Antonio.

A Sea World San Antonio, a couple got married in wet suits among the dolphins in Dolphin Cove! What an awesome way to begin a marriage. According to a Youtube video posted by KENS-TV, Zachary, and Stephanie decided to forgo the tuxedo and wedding dress attire for some wet suits as they tied the knot with some cute dolphins. The couple who was originally supposed to get married in 2025 had to move the date up. Zachary, who is a helicopter pilot in the Army Coast Guard.

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