Ok. Who is going to be honest? It's just hard to pass up a good real-life, or movie based, swearing tirade!

It's such a relatable moment that we have all had! Who hasn't spent a couple of minutes feeling like Clark Griswold during Christmas Vacation when he loses it on his in-laws? Or when Ralphie goes on a swearing tirade a few times during A Christmas Story? For some reason swearing at Christmas time is the only example coming to me but I think you get the point.

Well, a lot of people are ready for a good swearing tirade considering all the hardships, changes, and cancellations that living during a global pandemic will cause. Some people have just had it with wearing these pain in the ass masks that make ya feel claustrophobic and mess up your peripheral vision when going down the aisle at a store. Now, while we would ALL rather wear them than be in the hospital on a ventilator, the masks themselves are simply a pain in the rear. They are! Nobody likes wearing them so if you are about to go off on how much you hate them you are not alone.

F is for Fiesta! That is what most people who watch the video above are calling it. The shopper in the video above was caught up in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff, and the video shows her throwing the items from her shopping basket to the floor when she is told they cant check her out if she isn't wearing a mask. While we don't see the whole exchange we do see her reaching into the cart and throwing items on the floor while she comments about not caring about wearing a mask.

Now, obviously she needs to wear a mask if that is what the store is asking all customers to do but on the other hand, she had a significant amount of groceries there. Nobody in the store thought, hey lady just push your cart to the checkout and then go wait 6 feet away while we ring you up? People are all kinds of done with the limitations placed upon us all by a pandemic, but the bottom line is, Rona doesn't care. If we don't take precautions then all of this will just keep going into 2021 as well.

Who knows what people will be throwing out of their carts by then. Mask up and stay safe. Maybe we can take one of our old station vehicles down here at the station and let people who are close to the edge come down and wack it with a sledgehammer a couple of times. Like for charity? Ya know, something to help relieve the stress?

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