There is never a better time to show your support for our local heroes, like our Victoria Police and Fire Department, than right now, especially when they are braving a shaving during the upcoming St. Baldrick's Foundation SHAVE OFF which benefits the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

As good begets good, St. Baldrick's Foundation is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer and the funds raised by our local heroes will go directly to the St. Baldrick's Foundation for children.

St. Baldrick's started with a dare. " Would you shave your head to support childhood cancer?" This one dare has lead to the world's LARGEST head-shaving fundraiser for cancer research.

Victoria's annual SHAVE OFF will be held on Sunday, September 13th at The Club Westerner. Competing for the most dollars raised will be two teams; the Victoria Police Department in competition with our Victoria Fire Department. Team members from both divisions will be raising donations by SHAVING their heads to show their support.


The City of Victoria press release that you have read in detail here offers, “Childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded, and we want to continue trying to change that,” said Victoria Police Department Officer David Brogger, whose daughter is an eight-year survivor of childhood cancer. Brogger said the departments like to turn everything they do into a friendly competition, but the fundraising challenge is especially meaningful because of its potential to increase community interest in a worthy cause.

“Hopefully by making it a contest, we can raise more money together,” he said. “They’ve beaten us the past couple of years at kickball, so we’ve got to try to beat them at something.”

Victoria Fire Department Capt. Dana Woodward, who will be shaving his head for the first time this year, said he’s excited to support a cause that resonates deeply with him. “Every little bit counts,” he said. “If we raise enough money for research, hopefully, we can wipe childhood cancer and all cancers off the face of the earth."

We're proud to support heroes who support others just like our Victoria Police and Fire Department do. Now, of course, we wish both teams the very best of luck and offer that if you'd like to donate, keep in mind as Capt. Woodward offered, any donation counts.

Back the BRAVE when they SHAVE.

If you'd like to donate, click here.

Here is a video of a gentleman getting shaved for St. Baldrick provided by Youtube.

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