Yep, you heard right, just a few weeks after Crossroads fan-favorite Francis Marie's Restaurant and Cantina closed its doors, everything came together to ensure the restaurant would reopen!

Francis Marie's is set to re-open soon! The best part? Most of the chefs and great waitstaff ( shout out to SAM) will be returning when Francis Marie's officially opens later next month.

We covered the story of Francis Marie's closing its doors weeks ago, and you can read that article in the button below.

We had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. John McNeill, the original owner of Francis Marie's Restaurant, this week, April 28th, 2022, during our free business owner VIP Townsquare Talks luncheon. Dr. McNeill was our featured guest and his topic of conversation was  appropriately titled " Business In The COVID Climate."

Dr. John McNeill, Townsquare Talks
Dr. John McNeill, Townsquare Talks

It was here he first announced formally that Francis Marie's was going to reopen its doors.

Did you know that Francis Marie is named after Dr. McNeill's mother?

So you could probably guess it was a difficult decision to close the doors to a restaurant Dr. McNeill put his heart and soul into creating six years ago, even more especially because he had given his restaurant his mother's namesake. Dr.McNeill also revealed to the audience in the interview that he painstakingly designed the restaurant from top to bottom, which included being an integral part of the recipes and menu. He shared that after he made the decision to close, his phone wouldn't stop ringing and it didn't take long to change his mindset, knowing that he now has in place the right system for running a restaurant in the aftermath of COVID. Dr. McNeill isn't just an ER doctor, he is also the Victoria County Public Health Authority and he cracked everyone up when he offered in his presentation that owning a venue and a restaurant during COVID has been an undertaking. Now, he has trusted friends taking over the daily operations of Francis Maries and we can't wait to see its doors opened again!

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