On Monday and Tuesday Victoria West, East, and Gregory Portland golf teams played in the District 30-4A tournament in Gregory - Portland North Shore Country Club.  They showed great sportsmanship as any golfer should and here are the results.

Results of boys 4A Golf Tournament: 1st place went to Victoria West followed by Gregory-Portland, and Victoria East coming in third.

Victoria East Boys: Sammy Hysquierdo shot a 94 and 88,  Chad Williams: 96-90, Josh Moya: 93--96, Bryan Doane:115-101, Luke Blundell:118-113,  Cabbot Hanes: 103-79, Jared Galvan: 98-94, Wade Strickland:98-104, Aaron Zapalac:115-121,

Victoria West Boys: Trevor Vega:85-76, Trent Lee: 82-82, Shannon Hawes: 89-86, Remey Shelton: 84-84.

Results of District 30-4A Golf Tournament girls results: 1st place went to Victoria East, 2nd place Victoria West, and third place Gregory-Portland

Victoria East Girls: Briana Reyes:95-76, Tessa Lev:93-89, Lindsey Crabb:95-90, Cassidy Hoad: 101-101, Claire Vivian: 102-103

Victoria West Girls:  Meagan Neuman:92-93, Kayla Bowland: 118-104, Morgan Park: 101-106, Tara Goetz: 107-101, Addie Griffith: 144-135

Those advancing to Regionals will be playing at the Golf CLub of Texas in San Antonio.  The girls start it off on April 16,17 and the boys play on April 18,19.