According to Driscoll Children's Hospital press release for Friday, April 3rd, a physician who works at Driscoll Children's Quick Care- Victoria, located at 115 Medical Drive in Victoria Texas has tested positive for COVID-19.

The press release states that the physician saw two patients when they were last at work. " Contact tracing was conducted by our COVID-19 team which found both the physician and patients/parents were wearing masks."

It further goes on to say, " The physician had a test performed as there was contact with a COVID-19 positive patient at another facility. The physician was and remains asymptomatic."

As you know this means the physician was not showing any signs of having the disease while he was seeing patients or now that he is in self quarantine.

Further, " The patients’ families and our employees have been notified by Driscoll Children’s Hospital and are considered to be at low risk for acquiring the virus as the physician and all in the room were wearing masks. The patients and employees will self-monitor for symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath."

This information comes amid growing concerns that COVID-19, originally thought to only be contagious during symptomatic episodes, is now proven to be contagious without any obvious signs or symptoms of having the disease

Again, according to the CDC and multiple health care professionals, our best defense against COVID-19 is to stay home when we are able, practice social distancing as possible all while continually washing hands and practicing good hygiene.

Our thoughts are with the health care workers and patients of medical communities in our city, our nation and throughout the world.

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