One thing I that I really miss during this COVID-19 pandemic, is catching a live baseball game at beautiful Riverside Stadium.  Well!  It looks like there is a light at the end of tunnel.

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The Texas Collegiate League and made a decision after speaking with the Generals and other teams in the league, and have come up with an opening date.

The Victoria Generals will open the 2020 season on July 3rd at Riverside. It will be the start of a 24 game season plus post season.  The opening night match up will bring the defending State Champion Brazos Valley Bombers, and first pitch will be at 7:05.  The next night will be Warriors Weekend Night.  Check out the Victoria Generals 2020 schedule.

In case you don't remember the Victoria General were the 2018 Texas Collegiate League Champions.

Lets bring the Championship back to Victoria, where it belongs!

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