At the Emergency Operations Meeting Tuesday April 7th Victoria Public Health Authority Dr. John McNeill announced that the Victoria COVID-19 collection site for COVID-19  testing, located at the Victoria Community Center, has had to temporarily close due to lack of sufficient supplies, such as  lack of swabs, at this time.

Private testing facilities can also be in danger of running low on supplies from time to to time so it is paramount that if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever and shortness of breath, you contact your local health provider and decide then how you might proceed with testing considering their recommendations.

The community center collection center has and will continue to be a designated specimen collection site only for patients whose health care providers deemed it necessary to collect specimens for COVID-19 testing through the Community Center facility. 

Shortages of collections and testing supplies is a universal issue at this time but Dr. McNeill did add that the specimen collection site will re-open when needed supplies arrive.

Here is a video and photo by NEJM detailing the swab sampling procedure.

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