After 14 years as Sheriff of Victoria County, and 33 years in law enforcement, T. Michael O'Connor was nominated by President Trump to become a U.S. Marshal. He accepted and will continue to serve South Texas and the communities he loves as U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Texas.

With the vacancy open for Sheriff of Victoria County needing to be filled, two Republican men stepped up to the plate, Dale Fowler and Justin Marr.

Dale Fowler is the current president of the Victoria Economic Development Corp but has been in law enforcement for decades serving first as a reserve duty officer as well as holding a peace officer's certification. He is a senior member of the SWAT team.

Justin Marr is a career law enforcement officer, beginning his career at the Victoria County's Sheriff office in 1998 as a jailer. Marr was promoted to Corporal in 2006 and to Sergeant in 2010. He too is a member of the SWAT team.

Today at 5pm the Victoria Advocate will host a live debate via ZOOM on the Victoria Advocate's Facebook page in an effort to allow our community an opportunity to get to know the two candidates better. If you're not able to watch the debate live, the Victoria Advocate will record the interview afterward for viewing here at

Good luck to both candidates. Early voting begins on June 29th.

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