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We have all been missing live music.

Although virtual concerts have been a good substitute and a lifesaver to true music fans as well as the musicians who were missing their performance audiences, we're happy to see live music returning to Victoria as COVID numbers continue to decrease throughout the nation as well as in our community.

Here is a wonderful recap of 2020's Bach Festival highlights on the Victoria Bach Festivals Youtube page.

The Victoria Bach Festival, held one week a year in Victoria, has been hailed as one of the best live music performances in Victoria since its foundation in 1976. During festival week you can expect 'a mix of intimate concerts by outstanding soloists and chamber groups; blockbuster oratorio and symphonic performances; and fun, informal family and outdoor concerts.'

Last year COVID kept the Bach Festival at bay, but drum roll, please... that's behind us now, and looking forward as we head to summer, Victoria Bach is BACK! 

Mark your calendars from June 9th through June 12th for incredible musical concerts in Victoria.

"In a season is marked by challenges and unpredictability, we aim to make the 2021 Festival a safe and welcoming return to live performance. Join us for music in Victoria June 9-12 and consider making a donation in support of the 2021 Victoria Bach Festival," the Victoria Back Festival webpage offers.

Festival organizers are working hard to welcome audiences and artists back to Victoria for in-person performances in June while implementing safety measures that keep everyone’s health and well-being at the forefront.  We will be implementing protocols including physical distancing and limited capacities at venues, mask-wearing, health screening, and cleaning and sanitation practices. Our guidelines follow practices outlined by federal and local health organizations and are revised on an ongoing basis.

In the days ahead plans and performances will be completed so keep your eyes on the Victoria Bach Festival website here.

In the meantime, be sure to be a part of Bach's Birthday on Saturday, March 21st as the Victoria Bach Festival celebrates with an online LIVE auction. Click for details here.

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