Player: Cole Coakley, Shortstop
Hometown: Houston, Texas
High School/Previous School: University of Houston
Statistics for the Week: In four games compiled a .462 batting average going 6-for-13 with five runs, two doubles and one RBI. He had a .615 slugging percentage and a .563 on-base percentage. He did not commit an error in eight changes recording two putouts and six assists.
Major: Business Management

What advice would you give to a younger player about the sport you are involved in that would help them improve? Never quit. Leave everything on the field.

What is your background and experience in the sport you participate in? I have played for 18 years. I played four years at Lamar Consolidated High School, two years and Alvin Community College and a year at the University of Houston.

What is the song you like to hear for your walk-up music or that gets you into the mood for the game? Last of a Dying Breed by Ludacris

What is your favorite food? Sushi

Who is your favorite athlete? Derek Jeter

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