In an effort to assist with communities who are experiencing higher than average COVID count numbers, the United States Army Reserve's Medical Task Force was deployed to Victoria, specifically to help at DeTar Hospital.

According to Crossroads Today, the U.S. Department of Defense deployed an 85 person Army Medical Taskforce, titled 'US Army Reserve Urban Augmentation Medical Task', whose deployment was prompted by Gov. Gregg Abbott, to serve both Victoria and Corpus Christi in an effort to help fight COVID-19.

According to the US Department of Defense website, the U.S. Army has been deploying medical task forces to help hard-hit communities throughout the United States as early as April to states like New York and most recently Texas.

Researching what the medical task force, US Army Reserve Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces is, an article listed above on the DOD website offered that, "Each medical task force consists of 85 people and each has the capacity of providing the same services as a 250-bed hospital,"  Army Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville offers, further adding that the task force deployed previously to New York consisted of 14 physicians – including an infectious disease specialist and four respiratory specialists. In addition, each has 16 medics, 13 nurses, five physician assistants, two dentists, four pharmacists, two clinical psychologists, a psychiatrist, two occupational therapy specialists, four dieticians, and 18 other supporting staff.

To learn more about the US Army Reserve Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces and the role they are playing in our communities click here.

Thank you to all that serve.

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