2020 has been full of everything we've seen in just about every Hollywood thriller. A global pandemic? Check. Political warzone? Check. Killer hornets? Check. Mystery seeds to blow up the agriculture? Check. Hotter than normal summer heat? Check.

With hurricane season here, I hate to break it to you, but things aren't much better. In fact, the U.S. National Weather Service has predicted that 2020 will see an overactive hurricane season. Folks in Texas, and Louisiana (really along with the rest of the Gulf states) already have their eyes on the Gulf of Mexico with 2 storms swirling closer to the coast.

Ahead of the storms - officially known as Laura (which is taking more aim at Louisiana), and Tropical Depression #4 as of right now) - Facebook user Frank Leday shared a video of 6..SIX...waterspouts swirling at once off the coast of Louisiana on August 20 (the 20th!! In 2020!!). According to FOX26 Houston, the region was already being battered with heavy storms and hail ahead of the tropical moisture.

Check out this video!

“Wow!! Ever see 6 water spouts at once?” Leday shared on Facebook.

That's crazy, and not what I want to see at this point in this crazy year.

According to Mark Scirto, KLTV 7 Chief Meterologist, if the tropical depression continues on its current path, it can strengthen and become Hurricane Marco. In this case, East Texas could see some heavy rainfall in portions of our area along with the possibility for some flash flooding.

One more thing worth noting: If both storms become hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, According to U.S. media, it would be the first instance of two separate tropical storm systems in the basin in over 60 years.

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