hurricane season

Revised Hurricane Forecast Predicts Fewer Storms This Season
It's officially hurricane season now through November 30th (oh, joy), and there may be some good news, relatively speaking. Scientists from Colorado State University have revised their seasonal forecast downward, predicting an average season with 14 named storms, and 6 of those likely to gain h…
Hurricane Season Expected to Be Active This Year
We've been pretty lucky for years during hurricane season here in the crossroads, but this year, we need to stay prepared and alert because forecasters are predicting a busy hurricane season.
Keep in mind that forecasters are usually wrong, but this year, they're predicting five to nine hur…
Safety Tips For Hurricane Season
Hurricane season is here and if you've lived in or near the coastal bend for very long, you know we take it seriously. There are lots of things to consider when planning for a big storm. Even what to do with your garbage is important.
What City Is Most Overdue For a Hurricane?
Tornadoes have captured much of the nation's attention this year, but hurricane season is not too far away, so Americans should be prepared for the possibility of devastating storms, even if you think there's no way one will come to your town...