If you lost your home in a fire, you probably wouldn’t be in the mood to joke about it with a room full of reporters – but then, you’re probably not multi-platinum-selling country singer Trace Adkins, who kicked off a recent press conference with a simple “My house burned down.”

Adkins, whose next album is scheduled for release in August, was traveling when the fire happened, but his wife and children were home – so a lot of his good humor comes from the fact that they (and the family’s puppies) made it out safely.

“After you realize everyone is OK, all the rest of it is just stuff. My kids are good, Rhonda’s good, and we have a place to stay,” said Adkins, who urged any fans wanting to help his family to direct their efforts toward the less fortunate.

“We are not destitute, we are not homeless, and there are other people who aren’t as fortunate as we are who need a lot of help. In light of all the tornadoes and everything, we just wanted to make sure that my fans direct their generosity that way. We have a place to stay, and the kids are healthy and that’s all that matters anyway.”