Recent news stories of single-family fires here in the Crossroads region reminded me of the time my wife and I spent as volunteers with the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team in our previous home area of Northeast Arkansas. We saw first-hand how the Red Cross can make a difference in the lives of families who have been victims of a fire in their home. Local Red Cross chapters can offer assistance with temporary shelter, food, and clothing, as well as diapers, medicines, and other immediate needs. But did you know that the Red Cross receives NO government funding?

It's true! The American Red Cross--and all of its local chapters serving our communities--gets NO money from local, state or federal agencies.  They depend on private donations from people like me and you!

They also depend on volunteers. According to "Volunteers constitute about 95 percent of the American Red Cross workforce. Volunteers make it possible to respond to nearly 70,000 disasters every year, most of them home and apartment fires."

How can you help your neighbors right here in the Crossroads? If you'd like make a monetary donation, or explore opportunities to volunteer, contact the Crossroads Chapter at (361) 573-2671, or stop by their office at 1501 E. Red River, #A-1, Victoria, TX 77901

You can also get more info online at:

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