The series’ youngest male winner, Scotty McCreery staked his claim to country music fame on American Idol. In the days following his victory, the then-17-year-old’s trajectory seemed clear, as the gold-certified records and country awards nominations began to roll in.

With three albums under his belt, McCreery has scored a number of hits that an artist of any age -- much less 25! -- would be proud of. The following are five of the best.

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    “See You Tonight”

    From 'See You Tonight' (2013)

    The title track from his second studio album, “See You Tonight” became McCreery’s first Top 10 country song. Co-written by McCreery, Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, the tune showcases both McCreery’s unique baritone and a sort of new-found confidence following the success of his first record. It’s energetic, charming and sweet -- what’s not to love?

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    “Water Tower Town”

    From 'Clear as Day' (2011)

    Anyone who’s ever lived in a one-stoplight town can appreciate the charm of “Water Tower Town,” from McCreery’s 2011 album, Clear as Day. The lyrics are packed with Southern staples -- sweet tea, pickup trucks, Friday night football -- in a way that somehow manages to remain charming. That likely has everything to do with the song’s video, filmed in McCreery’s hometown of Garner, N.C.

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    “Feelin’ It”

    From 'See You Tonight' (2013)

    This radio-friendly summertime song is a track that’s perfect for listening to on a road trip or, as its music video suggests, on the beach. Penned by Frank Rogers and Matthew West, this track from McCreery’s 2013 album See You Tonight isn’t exactly packed with lyrical depth or anything more than a bunch of good ol' fashioned fun ... and in this case, that's not a bad thing.

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    “I Love You This Big"

    From 'Clear as Day' (2011)

    As both his official debut as a country artist and the song he performed on the night he won American Idol, “I Love You This Big” was the country music world’s first real introduction to McCreery. Following his Idol win, the track debuted at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and moved more than 170,000 copies in its first week.

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    “The Trouble With Girls”

    From 'Clear as Day' (2011)

    McCreery’s most successful track to date, “The Trouble With Girls” is a continuation of a popular theme: how complicated women are. The song might contain a few hackneyed stereotypes about women ... but that's kind of what you'd expect from most barely-20-year-olds. The tune's video also provides a glimpse into McCreery’s transformation from a slightly awkward teenager to a bona fide country star.

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