Scotty McCreery's life has seen some big changes over the past year, with the biggest being the arrival of his son, Avery, and his new role as a dad. Naturally, his new role alongside his wife Gabi has also come with some newfound inspiration. The singer says he is currently working on his next studio album, and the project will likely include songs inspired by his wife and son.

"I thought I loved [Gabi] a lot before," McCreery tells Music Mayhem in a recent interview. "You know, she’s the mother of my son, and now I’m finding that I love her even more. She’s a champ. She’s working so hard and doing so great as a mom already. So, I’ll be writing for sure a lot of songs about her and definitely tying the kiddo into some songs. Maybe writing for him, too. So, I think it’s all great things right now. We’re in a great season.”

As for when fans can expect the new material, McCreery says he's "still in the writing process" and hasn't gone into the studio yet, but he's hoping to release it sometime in 2023.

“We’re making decisions on what songs will make it, but we’re in that creative time, which is always a fun time to be in," he says. "I’m writing a lot of different songs I’ve [never] written before. When it comes to where I’m at in life right now. It’s exciting. It will be out hopefully [this] year, but not early [this] year. It will take some time. But we’re starting that process."

McCreery welcomed his son in October 2022. Since then, the star and his wife have shared many moments from their new life as mom and dad. Earlier this week, McCreery shared a few photos from his Christmas with his family, which included a trip to New Orleans.

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