Turns out 4/20 has several interesting national celebrations attached to its date but for a foodie like me, 4/20 means cheddar fries. Today is National Cheddar Fries Day and we've got some history, tips and recipes for you today on the off chance you have the munchies later... say around 4:20?

Jumping from the frying pan into the fryer let's cut right down the middle on the argument over the origin of the "french" fry. The debate had really started to heat up over the last century as to whom- out of two countries- could claim to be the inventor of the hamburger's side kick staple.

If you guessed it's France debating with another country you are correct. But what other country could possible challenge the French for the French fry? In the spirit of 4/20, let me enlighten you. This is going to blow your mind man.

Turns out, both France and Belgium who both speak French, hence 'french fry' have been debating the french fry origin debate for a  very long time. How long? Hey, wait, what time is it anyway? But now, records have been found, unlike your keys (they are in your pocket) which indicates you don't have to take either side of France or Belgium ( peace man!) as the first record of fries has been found! It's in writing! French fries have been found to have been prepared in South America in the early 1600's. Boom! Hey it's in writing so it has to be true, right?

Snuffers Restaurant and Bar, which opened it's doors in Dallas in 1978 made a case for their popular menu item, cheddar fries, and due to their forthright thinking, made the claim for National Cheddar Fry Day, which was officially recognized as such on 4/20/2016. The fact that it also coincides with National... ummm Pineapple Upside Down Cake is just a trip when you consider Snuffers isn't just famous for cheddar fries but also for channeling good spirits. Seriously, the original Snuffers is famous in the paranormal world as home to two ghosts that still continue to haunt the joint.

Traditionally shredded cheese is topped on fried potatoes and baked in the oven often topped with further indulgent ingredients like bacon.

Here is my favorite recipe for Loaded Cheddar Fries from Delish. Known around these parts as Texas Cheddar Fries. Not that it couldn't be a cheddar fry recipe from another state, but they can't possible be as hip as Texas (well maybe Colorado) and I dare anyone from France to disagree with Snuffers creating National Cheddar Fry Day therefore making TEXAS the country of origin for Cheddar Fries. Besides, cheddar fries just aren't the same without jalapenos.

Cutting french fries can be tricky so here is a quick Youtube video from Cooking for Dummies ( no offense) to watch. The first ten seconds of the video taught me something I never knew.

So whatcha topping on your Cheddar fries on 4/20? It all sounds good right?

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