Toby Keith celebrates the obvious in his new video for 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer' with his now-signature red solo cup in hand, a cowboy hat on his head and a guitar strapped to his person. The clip for Keith's ode to girls who like to toss 'em back is filled with ladies sipping on cold ones while at his concert.

The video captures live concert performance footage, with several cameras zeroing in on incredibly hot chicks nursing brews, sitting on their boyfriend's shoulders, wearing t-shirts that sport the phrase 'Real Women Drink Beer' and holding up signs quoting the lyrics from the song or espousing their love for Mr. Keith and his country music party song.

But this is not simply another live video.

Throughout, the screen splits into halves, thirds and quarters, with shots of the girls, the signs and, of course, Toby Keith, always featured on the screen. It offers multiple panoramic perspectives.

It's a fun clip that focuses on the singer and the ladies. He does a silly little dance while he struts on the stage about midway through the vid. It made us do a double take and think to ourselves: 'Look at Toby Keith getting his groove on!'

It's that kinda song, that kinda party and that kinda video. If you don't enjoy this clip, check for a pulse.

Drink up!

Watch Toby Keith 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer' Video