Happy International Beer Day, friends! Gather forth your drinking companions and set off on a quest to fill your gullet with delicious brew of your favorite distilleries, pubs, or brands. You know, there are multiple ways to drink beer. Not only can you drink beer on its own, you can pair it with various other drinks and food...and even games. There are more drinking games out there and almost everyday a new game is invented. Well, today is a good day to share your favorite drinking game and see who all wants to join in the fun. And don't forget to sing your favorite drinking songs, too.

From the Lord of the Rings Return of the King movie. Pippin and Merry are what I consider great drinking buddies.

Beer has been around for thousands of years. Yeah, thousands...think about that. The first confirmed findings of beer creating dates back about 5000 years (plus) ago in Iran in the Zagros Mountains. Fragments of a brewing barrel were found and testing has dated them to about 5300 years. For all we know, the art of brewing is even older than that. Perhaps one of the first things humans did was create a frothy alcohol to pass the time? We may never know...

Did you know can brew your own beer at home with the right equipment? You can even get a starter kit to help you out. If that sounds like something you want to start on to celebrate today, click here to find some good at-home beer brewing starter kits. If you want to create some cocktails with beer then click here for some recipes. If you wan to learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, then click here.