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Fright Fest at Fiesta Texas is back and bigger than ever!

Fright Fest is back and bigger than ever with 21 horrific attractions, including a collection of get this... not one, not two, not three but TEN, yep TEN new Haunted Houses!

Oh but wait, there is more, so much more!

They even have several Scare Zones which feature the all new and terrifying Fear Acres with horror lurking at every turn. Or how about, Infestation? The alien infested epidemic has overtaken over a portion of the park!

So much better than last year!

Last year was kind of the pits- thanks COVID- and one of our very own, DJ JP who loves Fiesta Texas offered that last year due to the pandemic, the scary stuff had to stay safely distanced behind a fence.

Well here's to llok at what you can expect this year! After an entire year of being fenced up, the ghosts, ghouls, aliens, demons and oh yes... the derainged clowns are on a seriously spooky mission... to make up for lost time in a BIG WAY!

There is one BIG rule you need to know before you go.

SIx Flags Fiesta Texas DOES NOT allow ANYONE over the age of 12 to enter the park in a costume. So, leave the costumes at home and come join us for some seriously spooky fun!

Bier Festival through October 31st too.

If you're not into the spooky stuff, how about sample from over 100 craft and and seasonal beer selections at Bier Festival.

You can vist both Fright Fest and Bier Festival now through October 31, 2021!

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