Tradition says the 15th wedding anniversary calls for crystal, but when you’re country music royalty, the ordinary rules don’t apply — and that goes double for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The proof? They’ll ring in their 15th year of wedded bliss by joining the short list of celebrities who have been turned into Barbie dolls.

Yes, you read that right — Mattel is getting ready to sell the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Doll Gift Set, available to the public in September. And according to the company, McGraw and Hill were even involved in the dolls’ creation.

“Tim and Faith sent us photos of every detail,” said Barbie designer Linda Kyaw of the two-month process, “including Tim’s complete suit, piece-by-piece, and Faith’s dress, makeup, and clear shots of her hair preference.”

The set, which will go on sale at, will be available for $69.99. Start saving those pennies!

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