Additional new confirmed COVID-19 cases identified in Victoria County.

Please remember this information is fluid  and changing daily.

The Victoria County Public Health Department has identified 3 additional positive cases of novel coronavirus, COVID-19, bringing the total case number to 9.
• A female in her 50’s, at home in isolation.
• A male in his 30’s, at home in isolation.
• A male in his 20’s, at home in isolation.

VCPHD is also monitoring the patient’s contacts, setting up any needed tests, and working to identify any contacts who may have been exposed while they were infectious. Anyone found to have had close contact to this patient will be contacted directly by VCPHD staff.

The risk of contracting the virus from these exposures is low, and isolation is not required for anyone who does not have symptoms.

If you believe you have been exposed, monitor yourself closely for symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath for 14 days after the exposure. If you experience any of these symptoms and do not need urgent medical attention, isolate at home and contact your health care provider.

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