Lauren Akins is celebrating the release of her husband's Thomas Rhett's new album Center Point Road with a sweet throwback video of one of his high school performances.

Center Point Road dropped on Friday (May 31) and Akins took to Instagram to share a series of videos of a young Rhett performing for an audience of his peers. Sitting barefoot on a stool inside the high school auditorium, with a ball cap on his head, a clean-shaven face and a guitar in hand—fans get to see the humble beginnings of the future country superstar performing an acoustic version of Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me."

The moments showcase an innocent yet promising singer who's since grown into a mature artist with a confident stage presence.

It was clear even that Rhett had the vocal chops to succeed, and though he accidentally repeats the lines "And when you get a date with Bridget / Make sure the tank is full / On second thought forget it, that one turns out kinda cool / Each and every time you have a fight / Just assume you're wrong and Dad is right," twice, the young singer recovers quickly, getting himself back to the chorus to finish out the song strong.

"Over 11 years ago in high school he was STILL just the CUTEST...most talented and most resilient guy I knew. I was so beyond proud of him as one of his best friends," Akins writes in a lengthy caption reflecting on the memory. "He’s clearly always been a natural entertainer and the crowd has always loved him hahah. Now I get to be his wife and have a front row seat to it all!"

Akins then goes on to share her heartfelt congratulations on the release of Center Point Road, Rhett's new album that packs in the nostalgia on tracks like "Remember You Young," "Almost" and the title track.

"Even MORE proud of you and who you are and so proud of this super personal, super talented, super AWESOME new album, Center Point Road," she writes to her husband. "It’s such a nostalgic album for me too because I got to live so much of it with you."

The couple met in elementary school and dated briefly as teens before marrying in 2012. The couple's two daughters, Willa and Ada, have since become a source of inspiration for many of the country star's songs. Rhett is currently embarking on his Very Hot Summer Tour that continues through mid October.

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