Country fans can spot a familiar face in the newest ad spot for Fritos, which is the chip brand's first television commercial in 20 years. Thomas Rhett stars in the ad, which features him playing "this or that" with a buddy in all kinds of different situations, from fishing to camping to just hanging out on the tour bus.

Backroads or highways? College or pro sports? Labs or poodles? There's no wrong answer — well, except maybe for that last question, if the white Labrador hanging out in the frame has anything to say about it. But when the time comes to pick out a snack at the grocery store, Rhett and his buddy run into a conundrum.

"Okay, which Fritos?" Rhett asks, as the two survey a wall of different flavors of Frito chips.

"That is a tough one," his friend replies.

Opting in to his starring role in the new Fritos campaign was an easy choice for Rhett, who also lends his new song, "Church Boots," to the commercial.

"[It's] a chip that's literally been around my family ever since the day that I can remember being alive," the singer told Taste of Country recently.

"I can remember going back into my grandparents' kitchen and they're making chili and they're crumbling up Fritos and putting them on the chili, or eating a Frito pie at a tailgate or a football game," he recounts.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool for Rhett in his songwriting. He often draws on early memories of his relationship with his now-wife, Lauren — his most recent release, "Us Someday," is a perfect example. It made sense for him to partner with a brand so firmly rooted in so many people's childhood memories, he points out.

"Whether it's, like, watching a movie that takes me back, or smelling a smell that takes me back, or eating something like a Frito that takes me back — those are things that give me life," he continues with a grin. "... It was just a lot of fun to be involved in a brand that has been so solidified over the past almost 90 years. And getting to film a commercial with them has been really fun."

It also gave the singer a chance to flex his acting muscle, a skill that he's been developing quite a bit in recent months. Rhett's music videos have always trended towards the cinematic, and as he gears up for the release of his new Where We Started album, the singer shared his comedic side with a social media skit pairing Rhett with a new, unorthodox publicist named Rodney to help him market the project.

Rhett says he wouldn't be opposed to taking on more acting roles in the future.

"Maybe!" he says, when asked if he'd like to explore that side of the entertainment industry one day.

"When I was little, my sister and I used to make my dad film us coming up with skits and just doing funny bits, all that kind of stuff," he elaborates. "I've always loved getting to play different people or do different accents, whatever that may be. I think if the right part ever came around, it would be something that would be a lot of fun to do. It has been a dream of mine for a while, [I'm] just kinda looking for the right opportunity."

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