A few days ago we came across a Facebook page that stopped us in our tracks. Double taking the title, we had to stop what we were doing to peruse its contents. It seems this page features people in our community who quite literally cross the line time and again.

It's the public group, People Who Can't Park In Victoria, on Facebook, and its both hilarious and terrifying all at once. Truly, there are some HORRIBLE parking job photos posted from some of the page's growing 2,708 membership, photos that will make you laugh and photos that will make you wonder how these drivers ever got their licences!

On a side note, when we said terrifying earlier, we meant, terrified in the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, one of us here doesn't always park as best as we could, so "terrified" thinking as we perused the page that there could possibly be a photo of our car on the site. We checked, twice. We're good.

Danny Joe Pherigo, the original admin for the page offers, "It really started out as an inside joke and just spiraled from there. Now I get messages from people saying they cruise parking lots just to see if they can get a photo," he laughs.

The page really is just for fun. Even his 'About Page' is tongue in cheek. "I strongly believe Victoria is home to the worst drivers in the country." he writes. There are ample examples on the page that prove that we certainly don't know how to park.

Now before we show you these photos, know that the administrators specifically ask that any photos of cars ( or trucks...lots and lots of trucks) that have been photographed and uploaded to the site do not show the license plate of the vehicle. Unfortunately that's not always the case, but we still had plenty of material to choose from that were posted correctly so here are our TOP EIGHT PHOTOS OF TERRIBLE PARKING JOBS IN VICTORIA.

* All photos have been used by permission of said Facebook admin page.

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