31 Hilariously Ironic Photos
I came across this collection of hilarious photos, showing how some people just don't see the irony that is right before their very eyes! We all fail on occasion, but when someone else does it, we get to reap the comedic benefits!
8 Precious Mom & Pup Pics
Aaawww...who doesn't love photos of mama dogs and their babies? Once you see these pics, it leaves no doubt that these doggy moms love their precious pups! If you know someone who needs a smile today, feel free to share this page with them!
Enter Our Valentine’s Day Photo Contest
We believe children are the world’s greatest inspiration for love; always showing their love so purely and sweetly. KIXS 108 and KQVT 92 are having a contest so everyone can have a special reminder around one of the greatest days for loving others
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What Music Video Is This Picture From?
Do you recognize these two lovers? The dark silhouettes almost reveal who this couple is, but unless you've watched this late '00s music video a couple of times, you may be stumped. The song was performed by the kisser on the right, but it wasn't his song originally. Do you think you …
Taylor Swift Shares Pictures of Her Vacation at the Beach
All things being equal, it doesn’t seem terribly likely that any of us will end up frolicking on in the surf with Taylor Swift anytime soon.
Fortunately for anyone who’d like to have the chance, Taylor has been kind enough to share a few photos from her recent beach va…

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