There are times when I am mildly entertained by the name my parents chose for me.

Particularly, I enjoy going to the doctor’s office and watching the face of the nurse as she first struggles to pronounce my first name and then as she finally says it and sees me in all my goatee-d glory stand and head her way.

Amused or not, however, if someone searches for my name on a social networking site or the Internet in general, it’s a pretty sure bet it’ll be me you find and not some poor unfortunate soul who shares the same name.

That unfortunately isn’t the case for one 47-year-old *MR.* Casey Anthony of Darby, PA.

When the verdict came down in the Casey Anthony trial (you know, the one where she was found not guilty in court but guilty in the eyes of the public), Mr. Anthony began to receive a mass amount of messages and friend requests on his Facebook account.

Unfortunately for Mr. Anthony, his new found popularity was a direct result of people wanting to express their outrage at the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial.

Mr. Anthony’s profile on Facebook also listed his phone number which has resulted in a slew of calls which have gotten so bad that Anthony has stopped using his phone altogether.

The messages haven’t all condemned the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Some have actually been more along the lines of death threats.

Anthony took it in stride at first, describing the situation as being “comical and scary” to angering him as the threats began to roll in.

It’s hard not to sympathize with the folks who mistook him for the Casey Anthony who was recently on trial for killing her daughter. As you’ll see from the video below, Mr. Anthony could obviously be mistaken for Casey Anthony… That’s sarcasm in case you can’t tell the difference.

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