What kid or adult for that matter doesn't love a great magic show?

That's right! We all love magic and the Victoria Public Library is truly magical on July 13th as they bring you and your kiddos Magician John O'Bryant LIVE on their Facebook page here from 2 to 3pm for a one hour magical Facebook experience. 

Although the presentation is free for all, you do need to be preregistered, but it's EASY!

"To watch, you must be a member of the "Victoria Public Library - Virtual Magic Show" Facebook group. To join the group, use the special link here and use "Summer 2020" for the password," our VPL offers.

Magician John O'Bryant is taking the age-old art of magic and adding his own unique twist and touch to it! He has turned what was once just a childhood dream of his into a reality. Now, for over 10 years, John's original style of magic, illusion, and comedy has taken him across the country where he has astonished crowds both big and small and made him one of the most in demand magicians of today and on July 13th, the show is a part of the Victoria Public Library's phenomenal Summer Reading Program for 2020.

You can read more about Magician John O'Bryant here.

Thank you VPL for bringing such awesome fun to all of us in the Crossroads!

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