For those of you don't know, I play Texas Lottery Scratch-offs regularly and have pretty decent luck. In June, I won $1000 on the $10 MONOPOLY 100X ticket.  I found the elusive 100X multiplier.  Check out some of my big wins from this year at the bottom of this article.

Yesterday, The Texas Lottery released a new $5 Houston Texans scratch-off lottery ticket.  This is the 12th year that the Texas Lottery and the Houston Texans have teamed up.  Not only do you have a chance to scratch and win, but this ticket will also offer you a second chance promotional giveaway.

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The new Houston Texans scratch ticket offers more than $17.7million in total cash prizes, including four top prizes of $100,000 and 10 prizes for $5000, and 925 non-cash second-chance prizes. Overall odds of winning an instant-win cash prize are one in 3.90, including break-even prizes.

The Dallas Cowboys have also issued a similar ticket, which has 5 $100,000 jackpots and 28 $5000 prizes.  The Dallas Cowboys tickets will also have second chance promotional giveaways.  Overall odds of winning any prize on the Dallas Cowboys ticket, including break-even prizes, are 1 in 3.82.

Let's take a look at some of my big wins from 2020!

Of course, we will start off with my $1000 claimer, purchased at the 7/11 on Sam Houston Dr.  I purchased this ticket in June.  This was the $10 100X Monopoly 

Same ticket different location, I purchased this $200 winner at 5 points convenience store in Downtown Victoria.  I purchased this ticket in July.  This was also the $10 100X Monopoly 

This $200 manual win all tickets was purchased at Snax Max at the corner of Mockingbird and Navarro.  I purchased this ticket in February.  This was the $5 $50,000 poker ticket

I also purchased this $200 winning ticket at the Snax Max at the corner of Mockinbird and Navarro back in April.  This was the $10 $200 Million Cash ticket.