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All aboard the fun to be had at San Antonio's Zoo as the new trains arrive right on time!

If you or your kids are big fans of trains, we've got some great news for you. Arriving on time as scheduled is the San Antonio Zoo's three new trains that travel throughout the zoo area.

Toot toot take off today!

One new train embarked just this morning, Monday, September 27th as the first 50 passengers received free popcorn and goody bags, which hopefully included one of our family's favorite train staples, a train whistle. Toot toot!

This is the first of three new trains scheduled to arrive at the San Antonio Zoo. One of the coolest parts about the trains at the San Antonio Zoo is that funding and fuel for the news trains are solely donated.

Out with the old, in with the new?

For those of us who love to wax nostalgia, there are three older trains in total that have been in operation for decades. The CP Huntington train, which is one of the trains currently still in use will continue to chug along until all three newly commissioned trains are on the tracks and running smooth.

The railroad was originally built in 1956 and at the time, was the longest miniature railroad in the world!

Check out this great video on Youtube from Kens5 for a sneak peek!

Tickets, please!

You can get more information, including ticket times and pricing by visiting the San Antonio Zoo website here.

Bring the train back to Riverside!

Now, we are the Crossroads, right? Did you know there used to be a train that ran through Riverside Park and included a train depot just like the one at the San Antonio Zoo? What will it take to get a train back to Riverside? #bringthetrainback2022!


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