One of our greatest joys as DJs are getting to know our listeners and we often post Questions of The Day in order to do just that, get to know our listeners with the opportunity to engage with them!

One thing we have learned over the last few months is that our listeners love their pets and we love them too! JP and Ingra Lee have several animals a piece ( Ingra Lee might be obsessed) and one thing is sure, we ALL consider our pets as members of our families!

We asked our listeners to submit photos of their pets and WOW! over 200 pictures and comments came in! Although we lamented for the last few days on how to post this because  DISCLAIMER- WE LOVED ALL OF THE PHOTOS, PETS AND COMMENTS- Here are 25 of our listeners pets.

However, for the complete list of adorable pet photos on our Facebook page that will melt your heart and make your day, check it out on July 10th. Click here.

Bonus link to the National Pet Holidays for EVERY month of the year here. Who knew there were so many?!?!? It's not like any of us needed another reason to celebrate our fur babies!

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Thank you all for your submissions!

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