It's been the focus of coutless articles, broadcasts, and arguments. Where can you find the best barbeque in the world? It just so happens that I know where it is, and, in good time, I'll tell you my top 3.

Let's start at the beginning. Barbecueing is an art. What most people call barbequeing is not barbequeing at all. It's 'grilling'. Building a little charcoal fire and throwing something on the grill for a few minutes does not constitute barbequeing. Real barbeque takes hours. It is a smoking process more than a heating process. So please don't tell me you make the best barbeque in the world on your little weber grill in the back yard, because you don't.

Across our country, different regions 'barbeque' different kinds and cuts of meat. You'll find that Texas is one of the only regions that barbeques beef, particularly beef brisket. Go anywhere north of Oklahoma and try to buy a beef brisket. Good luck. Most other regions barbeque nothing but pork. Don't get me wrong, I love pork, but I also love beef brisket and beef ribs. What I'm NOT crazy about is pulled pork. If I wanted a pork roast, I'd buy a pork roast.

Everywhere from Memphis to Kansas City to Detroit to Chicago to Atlanta to Houston thinks their barbeque is best. I can tell you from personal experience that a lot of it is delicious... not all of it... but a lot of it.  So let's narrow this down and talk about our area... where we live and consume barbeque. If you tried to stop at every barbeque place in Texas, you would be sick all the time. It would take forever to try every little barbeque stand along the road. Believe me, I've tried a bunch of them.

So as not to hurt any feelings, I will now list only my favorite 3 barbeque establishments. In fact, I won't even list them in any specific order. If you are not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like your barbeque. Time and space will not permit me to list everyone. So here goes... drum roll, please;

1. City Market, Luling, Texas...2. Mumphord's Place, Victoria, Texas...3. County Line On The Lake, Austin, Texas.

Next time; chicken and sausage!