We all have our favorite Christmas and holiday memories. It's always fun to hear your favorite country music stars relate theirs... like this one from David Nail.


Before David Nail recorded “Let it Rain,” he was singing, “Let it Snow!” The Grammy-nominated singer has fond memories of the holidays, growing up around a big family. David told CMT Daily Roundup, “My grandparents lived right across the street from us. I would get up in the morning, you’d look out the window, and you’d see a car there, and you’d get in the shower, and you’d come back and there’d be a couple more cars there. It was kinda that anticipation of seeing all the family members start to come in to town in the morning, and so after we ate, and after we opened gifts, it was kind of like a race to see who could catch my dad sneak back across the street to take the nap, you know? ‘Cause he was always the first one to be...start dosing off on the couch.” David’s new album, The Sound of a Million Dreams, is available now.
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