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Don't mess with Texas moms! 

This past weekend a mother in San Antonio found herself in a very frightening situation.

With children in the house to protect, one Texas mom made the decision to shoot an intruder who broke into her home over the weekend.

It's the evening of April 28th and it's only been dark outside for a few hours. Suddenly weird noises can be heard coming from inside of your home in San Antonio. You can clearly hear now that someone you haven't invited, someone you don't know has now entered your home. What would you do?

With three children home to protect, this mom grabbed her gun.

Stand Your Ground

Although the incident is still under investigation, at this time there have been no charges filed as this Texas mom used her Stand Your Ground Texas right to defend her property and her life as well as her children's when she fired her gun and killed the intruder.

The Texas State Law Library offers detailed information on when you can legally shoot an intruder.

According to KSAT, the intruder left the house When officers arrived at the scene, they found the man in the woman’s backyard, sitting on a chair and bleeding from gunshot wounds, says KSAT. The man died on the way to the hospital. The man's name and age have not been released.

There is a detailed video on Youtube from KWAN that might offer some guidance on  Stand Your Ground with Texas being one of 25 states in the US to offer this protection to homeowners.

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