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Texas Mom Accidentally Shoots Her Child While Rummaging In Her Purse

A Texas mother in Houston was rummaging through her purse yesterday evening when she accidentally discharged her firearm.

Her 3-year-old son was shot after her firearm was discharged in her purse.

The bullet went through her purse and shot her 3-year-old in the torso who was close by. At this time, the Houston Police do not suspect foul play.

No foul play is suspected.

According to News4 San Antonio, Houston police are offering, "We're not seeing any signs of foul play, just a horrible accident," an H.P.D. lieutenant said at the scene. "Of course we will still do a good investigation to make certain that's the case. "

Houston police believe the little boy will survive the shooting.

It looks like at this time, the 3-year-old will make it through, but Houston police are asking for prayers if you are so inclined.

"All we're doing is asking for prayers for the little boy," the lieutenant said about his injuries saying he was expected to be "okay."

Tips for carrying a gun safely in your purse

The National Rifle Association Family website offers an article on carrying guns in purses which suggests that carrying a gun in your purse is ill-advised. However, the article goes on to suggest that a purse designed specifically for carrying a weapon is better than not carrying if you feel you need to.  "It's important that a purse be designed to carry the firearm, with a separate compartment holding a properly sized holster that covers the trigger and is affixed to the interior of the compartment. This is both for safety since it prevents a roll of breath mints or a mascara tube from getting inside the trigger guard and turning a trip to the department store into a memorable experience, and to ensure that the gun is always oriented where your hand can find it."

Accidents do happen, thankfully it looks like this one will not be fatal. 

You can read that article in its entirety here.


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